Page Not Found
- Anonymous
Once upon some free time clearly, while I net surfed weak and weary,
Going through my favorite websites and the pages I adore.
As I typed out every address, surfing past the mottled net mess,
There came a blank page on my screen which I had never seen before.
On my screen there was a web page with words I’d never seen before.
It had three numbers, 404
Ah, distinctly I remember, waiting for the page to render
And each separate graphics splendour to appear upon the screen once more.
Eagerly I awaited the download of the full HTML code
And have my browser be bestowed another page which would not bore.
Waiting for my favourite pages filled with content which would not bore.
Yet all it said was, 404
Each successive futile refresh strained my patience to its full test,
Causing me to utter swear words I have hardly ever used before.
So that I had started yelling, because of anger which was welling,
Tis some error with my system keeping me from surfing more.
Some DNS or IP error keeping me from surfing more.
And on the page was, 404
Presently my angst grew stronger; errors on the page grew longer,
“Webmaster” said I, “or System Admin a resolution I implore”.
But the fact is I was surfing when those numbers came unnerving,
All I wanted was my favourite pages on my screen once more.
Just to see my favourite web page showing on my screen once more.
Yet still the page read, 404
Deep upon the blank page peering, long I sat there wondering, fearing,
Doubting, thinking thoughts no geek had ever had to think before.
But the white page was unbroken, and the I-net gave no token,
Never had my system spoken of this surfing fault before.
“This” I exclaimed “can’t be happening for it’s never happened here before!”
Yet on the page showed, 404
To tech support I was left turning, all my soul within me burning,
Soon I heard a voice recording telling me to hold some more.
“Surely” thought I “this is but madness” growing was my techno sadness,
Let me see then, what thereat is, and this error I’ll explore.
Let my rage be still a moment and this error I’ll explore.
What has made the page display the horrid number, 404
Open here I flung the case side, peering the electronics inside,
Focusing upon the Ethernet connection on the board.
Not an indication made it, not one error in baud or in bit,
Flashing from the data carried through it to my systems core.
Showing that it had a link to pass the data to my systems core.
Yet still the page said, 404
On the phone the music playing had every nerve within me praying,
Someone there would soon be saying “Hello this is tech support”.
But to my dismal outlook’s chagrin, the same old song had started again,
Causing me to swear and scream even louder than I had before.
Swearing loudly to the phone more fervently than I had before.
Quoth the Server, 404
Much I marvelled this ungainly system which displayed so plainly,
A barren page which made me wish it would display just something more.
And I couldn’t help but seeing the data packets which were fleeting,
Flowing from the internet to wind up at my browsers door.
Packets flowing from the net which showed up blank and nothing more.
What was this error, 404
But the browser sitting lonely, on a blank page said this only,
These three numbers, as if its process in that number it did outpour.
Nothing further would it display, to my utter growing dismay,
Till I scarcely could remember it displaying something more.
Would it ever show me something other than this anymore?
Quoth the Server, 404
Sitting at the website broken, not a graphic was there open,
“Doubtless,” said I, “what it displays is its only stock and store“.
Forgotten by some dense webmaster another mangled web disaster,
Refresh fast and ever faster, give me my page I adjure.
Stern despair returned, instead of the page I did adjure.
This sad page read, 404
But this sad site so beguiling, lead my sad soul into smiling,
Straight I wheeled my chair much closer to the desk than it had been before.
Then upon the keyboard typing, clear my brow from sweat by wiping,
Fancy unto fancy, thinking what this number did implore.
What this grim, ungainly, ghastly, gaunt and ominous number did implore.
By displaying the digits, 404
This I sat engaged in guessing, with no webpage yet expressing,
To the browser still bereft of anything I look for.
This and more I sat divining while my hard drives still were whining,
On the flat screen, still was shining the pale white page there had been before.
On the screen, there still was shining the same blank page I’d seen before.
Screaming at me, 404
Then, I thought, the page did flicker making my contempt grow quicker,
Looking at the refresh button, begging it would be the cure.
“Wretch,” I cried, my patience left me, witness to the page I did see,
Respite- Respite and nepenthe, from my memories of the web I do adore.
Let me quaff this kind nepenthe and forget these pages I adore.
Quoth the Server, 404
“Webmaster!” said I, “thing of evil!- admin still if man or devil!
Whether Tempter sent, or whether tempest tossed you here upon my browsers door.
Desolate it sits undaunted, on this blank screen, bleak, unwanted
By its pallid light I’m haunted, show my page I do implore.
Will my page resolve again, tell me this I do implore.
Quoth the Server, 404
“Webmaster!” said I, “thing of evil!- admin still if man or devil!
By the fibre that transports us to the net we all adore.
Tell this soul with sorrow heavy, must I pay another levy?
Just to see my favourite bevy which I’ve seen so much before.
To see the rare and radiant bevy of the likes I’ve seen before.
Quoth the Server, 404
“Be that number our sign of parting, Web or net!” I shrieked, upstarting-
“Get thee back into the network and back into my systems core”.
Leave no blank page as a token, of this number you have spoken,
Leave my surfing ways unbroken, quit this error evermore.
Take this lacuna from my sight, and take this error evermore.
Quoth the Server, 404
And the webpage, never flitting, still is sitting, still is sitting,
On a bleak and empty site, devoid of content evermore.
And the page has all the seeming of a desert that is dreaming,
And the glow from the flat panel throws its white light to the floor,
And my soul from out that white light flickers fast upon the floor.
With a page whose only graphic is the number, 404