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Meet the team - Megan Cooper

Monday, October 16, 2017




Getting to know First Achieve's Megan Cooper.

The First Achieve crew are a passionate and creative bunch, and we thought it was time to learn a bit more about them.


Today we chat with Megan Cooper, one of the first members of the FA team. Megan started her career in sales and marketing, but the allure of matching talented people with their ideal role became too powerful, and she followed her heart into recruitment in 2014. With a background steeped in technology, Megan works with the very best industry professionals across gaming, mobile, art and animation, marketing and the broader digital sector.


Do you remember the very first role you filled?

Yes, it was a Digital Customer Experience Manager at Capita in Manchester.


What role holds the record for the longest time taken to recruit for?

I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but the roles I recruit for are highly sought after so they are usually wrapped up within a week!


Share the funniest interview story you have:

The funniest interview story I have was when I sent a designer forward for a role. He smashed his phone interview and just needed to get through the final stage interview. The whole meeting was going very well but when they come to close the interview, my candidate turned around and said ‘If I was to accept the job offer it would be on the basis of being able to bring my dog to work with me!’ At no point before that was the dog ever mentioned as a deal breaker. Long story short– he didn’t get the job.  



Now on to the lightning round…we asked Megan to answer these rapid-fire questions:


The website I visit the most:


My favourite food:


When I’m on holiday abroad I drink:

Gin and Lemonade with Pink Grapefruit

Worst wardrobe malfunction was:

When I was on holiday and my niece, who was messing around biting my bum (she is only 2 years old, for the record!) and she put a big hole in my jumpsuit and I didn’t realise until a random women pointed it out to me on the street.

I never leave the house without my:



Megan has dozens of roles looking for the right candidate. Get in touch today on 0161 791 0678 to find out more! 

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